Monday, December 20, 2010

The Image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus promoted by Cardinal Burke

Cardinal Archbishop Raymond Burke visited New England recently as keynote speaker at the annual President's Council Dinner of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. For those who are interested, you can read the text of his speech and see a video here. Afterwards, Cardinal Burke handed out small prayer cards to everyone who spoke with him. These were an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. There is a connection here. The college had been inspired to enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus in its chapel, in large part, under the inspiration of then Archbishop Burke's writings on the subject (the commission by the college of a Sacred Heart image that was the subject of the first article in this series).

The image that the Cardinal was handing out was of the one commissioned for the shrine in St Louis as a focus for this ancient Church devotion. The St Louis Sacred Heart image is a mosaic and strikingly similar in form to the Maryvale Institute’s Sacred Heart images (which are based upon the visions of St Gertrude in the 13th century). The housing of the Shrine was designed by Duncan Stroik (with some input from New Liturgical Movement’s own Matthew Alderman, see here)

Photographs below are of the Shrine in St Louis, including the mosaic; and at the bottom of the two Maryvale Sacred Heart images, a panel painting and a window, which are in the same vein.

As a postscript: the Cardinal has agreed to work with the President William Fahey of Thomas More College in New Hampshire on the production a children's catechesis for the Sacred Heart I will do the illustrations for the book. It is the third in a series of catechetical books for children, the last one God's Covenant with You, was written by Scott Hahn.

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