Sunday, April 04, 2010

When You Leave the Church, Its Music Does Not Leave You

Here is another reason to get serious about Catholic music: the must lasts even when people lose their faith.

If someone gathers doubts and walks away, what sounds do you want left in their ears? How about Resurrexi? Crux fidelis? Puer natus? Regina Caeli? These are the sounds of Catholicism, the sounds of truth.

What music would call this person back to the faith? What remains in this person's heart or soul that would entice that person to reconsider? What if by denying people access to this glorious musical tradition, we deny people the link to the faith that would otherwise eventually come to heal their soul?

Here is one agnostic who recounts the role that music continues to play in his life long after leaving the faith, noting the contribution that religious has played in giving us great music. Reading this posts suggests to me that it will be music that leads this blogger home.

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