Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dominican Antiphonal for Liturgia Horarum Updated

Thanks to the Dominican Nuns of Marbury AL the Advent-Christmas and Lent files of the Antiphonarium according to the Dominican Use for the Liturgia Horarum that can be downloaded on the sidebar at Dominican Liturgy have now been purged of most typos and errors.

Those who use these files should download the new versions. As some errors were in the commons and in the psalter, these problems have also been corrected in the Easter and Ordinary time volumes as well. But those files still need more extensive correction -- thus I have left them marked as "beta" versions.

I am currently completing the music for Midday Prayer (Terce, Sext, None) for this project and, as the volumes get corrected, I will post new versions that include this new music.

Again, my thanks to the sisters at Marbury: who are preparing for a "Come and See" Vocations Weekend in June. Read about it here.

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