Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fundraising Sale: High Quality, Brand New Catholica

Recently, I came into some extra copies of some high quality Catholic books, which I am offering here today as a fundraising drive.

The intent is to raise funds for some liturgical reference material I would like to acquire for NLM purposes. (Made a bit pricier than usual for reason that these few titles are all, by odd coincidence, being sold from Britain and accordingly in British Pounds.)

The books I am offering today are all brand new, coming from Baronius Press and one from Preserving Christian Publications.

This is an opportunity to make a donation toward such a purpose, while also receiving some high quality Catholic books for yourself. (Please recall that shipping costs are not included and will need to be added.) Paypal is preferred.

Latin-English Bible (read about it here)
This is a beautifully done parallel Latin-English Catholic Bible, which is produced in a family size edition. Make a Donation Offer

* * *

Catena Aurea (read more about it here) of St. Thomas Aquinas. Patristic commentaries on the Four Gospels compiled by St. Thomas. Translated by Cardinal Newman. Make a Donation Offer

* * *

A slightly larger edition of the famed Baronius Missal with a protective slipcase (read more about it here). A parallel Latin-English daily missal for the usus antiquior. Make a Donation Offer

* * *

Another edition of the Catena Aurea, also translated by Cardinal Newman, this one put out by Preserving Christian Publications. (read more about it here). Make a Donation Offer

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