Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Shrine Mass: A Turning Point

The reality of what happened at the National Shrine last Saturday is dawning on ever more people. Many in attendance, and many who watched on television, have described it as a life-changing experience - the Roman Rite in all its glory. Many have also pointed out what a dramatic change has taken place in our times that this Mass could happen at all, and thanks be to God for that.

Here are some fascinating reports at Fr. Z's blog.

Because the names of the schola directed by Richard Rice did not appear in the program, here they are:

David Sullivan
Paul Connors
John O'Connell
Jacob Wood
Brian Kiernan
Steve Karsteter
Ken Wolfe
Greg Bennett
Dave Amann
Ed Myers
Michael Collins
Brad Cypher
Kurt Poterack
Michael Lawrence
and David Lang

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