Monday, April 05, 2010

Lent and the Divine Office: Looking Forward

Awhile back I had mentioned the possibility of the establishment of a resource for the Divine Office. Many of you may be interested to know that this initiative is indeed moving forward.

I raise this because my mind turned to the fact that, now that Lent is over and we sit in the Octave of Easter and Eastertide generally, we have an opportunity to take the Lenten practices which we had adopted during the course of the Lenten season and extend them into the rest of the liturgical year as well.

This could mean taking on a more regular discipline of fasting, this could mean maintaining the practice of Lectio Divina, or many other good spiritual practices. But who I would like to speak to specifically today are those many individuals who had identified that they were going to use their Lent to try to take up the practice of praying the Divine Office anew, or even for the very first time. I wished to check in with them in the form of two polls, to see both how they did, and what they might do going forward.

As for the rest, I would encourage each and everyone to consider how we might take the spiritual habits and practices we established during our Lent forward from this point. If you are so inclined, do feel free to share what that might be within the comments. Perhaps it will be of inspiration to others.

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