Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thank You and Thanks to You

In response to Jeffrey's all too generous tribute, as well as to the many kind people who commented in the comments, let me simply offer a thank you for such kind and generous sentiments.

But if I might, let us remember all the contributors here at the NLM who bring their writing talents to bear, even while having so many other domestic, religious and professional responsibilities to tend to. In my estimation, the NLM would not be the NLM without them.

Let us remember also all those who send in their news tips and their photos. This helps us, as writers, more than you can imagine and at the end of the day, we all benefit from this sharing. Thank you.

Thank you as well to all those who come and read the site daily and weekly. You help keep us encouraged and keep things interesting.

Finally, let us remember and recognize the work of all those out there who write and bring news and information for the sake of the Faith; be it on blogs, news sites, or in print publications.

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