Friday, December 18, 2009

Ember Friday in Advent (Feria Sexta Quatuor Temporum Adventus) - And a Poll on Ember Days

Today is Ember Friday within Advent (Feria Sexta Quatuor Temporum Adventus) within the calendar of the usus antiquior. I thought -- purely as a point of curiousity -- that it would be interesting to get a sense of people's present (or future intended) practice in relation to these days at this time.

Evidently, it must be noted that the matter is an entirely optional discipline and matter of personal choice. It must also be noted that we are speaking here of the calendar of the usus antiquior and so, evidently, this does not necessarily apply to the modern Roman calendar -- unless the local conference of bishops so determined the dates. Evidently, that puts an additional angle of optionality on the question -- though in this regard as well, some may yet determine to exercise this option of course. (As a point of clarification: The last option is intended for those who don't either for reason that they have equivalent days determined by their local conference which they follow instead, or because they wish to follow the modern Roman calendar literally as a point of principle. All fair enough of course.)

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