Friday, December 25, 2009

Limited Praise for Christian Pop Music

In many parishes around the country, perhaps after Mass or perhaps following communion, scholas sang this little medieval song that is not liturgical but still deeply religious. It is great fun and a Christmas tradition for many.

After the brouhaha following my plea for fewer carols at Mass, I post this piece as a way of showing one possible way to introduce popular music in a sacred setting. It is controlled, pretty, catchy, with a Latin text, and doesn't stray too far in its musical sensibility. It brings delight in every way.

I'm not recommending this piece in parishes for Christmas, but, even so, we sang this this morning following Mass. Everyone of course loved it. No surprise there. I'm especially interested in this piece because it is not something heard that often in the secular world. It is strongly identified with popular religious culture within Catholic circles and yet maintains a certain dignity.

I post one of many versions on youtube. Feel free to post one you like more.

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