Friday, December 11, 2009

A Few Sights from the Installation of Bernard Longley as Archbishop of Birmingham

A few photos were sent in to the NLM from Archbishop Bernard Longley's installation as the Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Birmingham on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which, aside from showing his installation in that archdiocese (one due to be in the spotlight this coming year with the impending beatification of Cardinal Newman), additionally provides an opportunity to look at some of the beautiful gothic revival work found in Birmingham.

First, from the Solemn Vespers offered at St. Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham -- which was designed by A.W.N. Pugin -- on the vigil of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

First Vespers

As well, the photo album of the Catholic Church of England and Wales shows a number of photos from the Mass of Installation itself.

(Image credit: Mazur/

Archbishop Vincent Nichols presents the Bishop Ullathorne Crozier to Archbishop Bernard Longley
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(Image credit: Mazur/

(Image credit: Mazur/

(Image credit: Mazur/

Canons of the Metropolitan Chapter
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In addition, Matt Doyle, who was invited to attend the installation in his capacity as Birmingham representative for the Latin Mass Society, sent a photo which showed the back of the beautiful gothic revival chasuble worn for the occasion. I am told that the chasuble belonged to an early bishop of Birmingham.

The Gloria was taken from Franz Joseph Haydn's, Missa Sancti Nicholai. (Listen here to another recording of this), and other music included compositions by Sir Edward Elgar, including his setting of "Praise to the Holiest" from Cardinal Newman's Dream of Gerontius. I am also told that the Credo and Sanctus were done in Gregorian chant.

Few other specific liturgical details have come to the NLM at this time.

Archbishop Longley spoke of Cardinal Newman's impending canonization and of Newman himself within his homily.

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