Thursday, December 17, 2009

FSSP Given Charge of Quebec Church of Saint-Zephirin de Stadacona

Those of you with an interest in Catholic Quebec will no doubt be interested to hear of the following development which came to the NLM recently. Namely, this week an agreement was signed which gives the FSSP charge of the parish of Saint-Zephirin de Stadacona which is located within the archdiocese of Quebec. Abbé Guillaume Loddé will be the curé.

I am sure the question will be asked as to the status of this church. Due to Quebec's "loi des fabriques" the parish will technically not be a "personal parish" -- which provincial act would, from my limited understanding of it, otherwise have the effect of putting the church property and goods under the control of a lay committee rather than either the FSSP or the Ordinary for that matter. This said, the FSSP curé will have a jurisdiction which is equivalent to a pastor and in that regard, it will function very similar to a personal parish.

The first public Mass will be held on January 1st.

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As an aside, film aficionados may recognize this as the same parish church which was the setting for Alfred Hitchcock's 1953 film, I Confess. (More on that film)

Scene from Hitchcock's, I Confess, showing the parish of Saint-Zephirin in the background

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