Thursday, December 10, 2009

Varia on Rorate Caeli and on the Divine Office (and a Few More Blue Vestments)

Two notes of interest related to posts by Carlos Antonio Palad on Rorate Caeli.

The first is his post on Manila's Grand Marian Procession in honor of the Immaculate Conception.

I am sure some of our readers will find that procession of interest.

The second relates to further news about the Divine Office taking its place again in parishes: Daily Lauds with the laity in Sacramento. In that story, they report "daily Lauds and the frequent chanting of other parts of the Divine Office" in an FSSP parish in Sacramento, California:

In 1997 the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter was invited into our diocese to serve what was then known as the Ecclesia Dei Community. In 2002 a property was purchased and given by our diocese for our use; this included a church and small school. At the time, Fr. John Berg, FSSP (now the superior general of that congregation) was the priest in charge of our Latin Mass community. In the approximately five years that Fr. Berg was with us, he tried to give our parish, St. Stephen, the First Martyr (not formally a parish yet) a character and tradition which he hoped we would maintain. Among these traditions were things such as Sunday Vespers, the Rorate Mass in Advent, and Tenebrae.

Do read the entire story.

Further to that theme, I am pleased to report that following on yesterday's story about the Divine Office in parishes, I am hearing from others who are also incorporating the Divine Office into their Christmas schedule. Very encouraging news. May this continue to grow and flourish for Christmas and beyond. Indeed, if you are doing similarly, we want to hear from you.

* * *

Many expressed an interest in the use of blue vestments in some regions of the Western Catholic world. I thought you might enjoy a few more examples.

(Photo courtesy of James Bradley)

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