Monday, December 14, 2009

A Great News Source for the Anglican Ordinariates

There have been numerous important items I have been wanting to write about in the past month or so, but unfortunately I have been distracted by other things--though nearly all of them have been very welcome distractions. This last weekend was the first time in around a month when I was not on the road giving lectures on things architectural and liturgical (to laity, diocesan clergy, monks, nuns, and even one bishop), or preparing myself for making such a presentation. In the last six months, I have doubled the number of ecclesiatical presentations and lectures on my curriculum vitae, which has been exiting and exhausting at the same time. Not that it hasn't been fun: I have gone off-roading with a monastic novice in an all-terrain vehicle, eaten tacos prepared by Cistercian sisters, and kept one very small monastery up chatting well past their bedtime.

During this time, when I have had a moment to spare, I have started following an excellent new weblog, The Anglo-Catholic, a group enterprise helmed by Mr. Christian Campbell, the senior warden of the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Orlando, Florida and a member of the standing committee of the Anglican Church in America (ACA), the American province of the Traditional Anglican Communion, who have been much in the news of late. Mr. Campbell's website has proven to be both a well-informed font of information about Anglicanorum Coetibus, intelligent commentary on its manifold ramifications, and also many meditations and thoughts that will be of interest to all our readers. I strongly encourage our readers to have a look round the site, and I hope in the next few weeks to digest and discuss some of the more important stories they have broken, as well as the relevance of the Anglican Ordinariates to the re-enchantment of our liturgy so desired by Pope Benedict.

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