Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mariawald Abbey Asks for Your Christmas Donation

If you are still wondering about where to make your Christmas donation, you may be interested in the following appeal by Dom Josef Vollberg, Abbot of Mariawald, the German Trappist Abbey which is in the process of returning to the Liturgy and the Observance in use in the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Trappists) until 1963/64 (read more about it here).

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Abbey of Mariawald,

to serve God in dignified simplicity by prayer and work - that is the center of monastic life in Mariawald.

The highest form of worship of God is the daily Holy Mass.

For the proper celebration of Mass Mariawald needs, after the grant of the papal privilege of the traditional liturgy, proper vestments, altar equipment and other furnishings.

This includes altar-cloths, candlesticks, altar crosses, missals and choir books.

Everything is to conform to a unified, worthy style in accordance with Cistercian simplicity.

Today we want to ask you to aid us in this. We monks of the Abbey of Mariawald are above all grateful for the sacrifice of your prayer.
And great is the gratitude for your material sacrifice that you are willing to make for this major concern.
We ask the Lord Whom we want to honour with your help, to send you every grace. Moreover, once a month a Mass is said in the intentions of all benefactors, and for the deceased benefactors a requiem will regularly be said.

May the Good Lord richly reward your generosity!

fr. Joseph M. Vollberg OCSO
Abbot of Mariawald

You can make a donation using the paypal button (labeled "Spenden") on the abbey's website.

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