Saturday, December 12, 2009

Seminarian Opportunity

Registration for the CMAA's Winter Chant Intensive, scheduled for January 4-8, 2010 at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Charleston, South Carolina, has been closed for more than two weeks - it is filled to capacity. We've experienced an unprecedented (but not surprising, given the current economy) number of requests for scholarship assistance. By the grace of God and because of the generosity of of individuals around the country, we have been able to offer that assistance to almost everyone who has asked.

Why attend the Intensive? As Dr. William Mahrt, president of the CMAA, said in a recent interview, worshiping at Mass or celebrating the Mass is the highest activity a person can undertake. Nothing short of excellence is good enough.

This paradigm is at the heart of the Chant Intensive. It provides singers, music directors, seminarians and priests an opportunity to decode, through a week of systematic study and immersion,the language of Gregorian chant - the language of the Mass in both of its forms, OF and EF. Those who have no background in Latin and/or Gregorian notation will learn not only how to read it, but how to interpret, sing and direct it - beautifully - and with excellence.

After working our way through a waiting list, one spot has opened up. The spot is for a seminarian and comes with a scholarship. If you are a seminarian and interested in attending but weren't sure about being able to make the commitment, or if you know of a seminarian for whom this may be the case, please write to or call us at 334.444.5584

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