Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Further Evolution of Comments

It seems to be fast becoming the standard that comment registration is being required on the part of commenters. I am not speaking of comment moderation, whereby each comment must be approved, but instead where only users who register in some fashion, or with some identification, are permitted to comment.

Go to various news sites and only their subscribers will be allowed to comment; go to various blogs and some form of registration is becoming more and more common. This is now the case on the NLM as well.

As a further reminder, please remember that the new comment service has two options listed beneath each comment made:

Flag - If you find a comment which you believe is inappropriate, simply click "flag" and we will be pointed to the comment. Using this feature is very useful.

Reply - Clicking on the reply function will allow you to respond to a specific comment, and it will "thread" the discussion beneath it. This helps to better contextualize your comment.

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