Saturday, December 05, 2009

Byzantine Christian Resources

There has been a fair bit of interest expressed in topics related to Eastern Christianity, and specifically the Byzantine tradition. Accordingly, I thought some of our readers may be interested to know of just a few online resources that are available.

The first is a Byzantine liturgical Calendar which is available online from St. Elias in Brampton, Ontario, which will provide you with an easy (and beautiful) way to see some of the liturgist feasts, fasts and so forth within the Byzantine context.

Here, for example, is January 2010. (Do note, both the Julian and Gregorian dates are given; the Julian dates are also given in smaller print):

(Click to enlarge)

This calendar is setup in such a way that one could quite readily print off a copy of each month on a home printer. Speaking personally, I find it both invaluable and enriching to have a calendar such as this, as well a calendar for two forms of the Roman liturgy, available to look at with a moments glance.

A second resource which would no doubt be of interest is; an unofficial, but well respected and long-standing site for Byzantine Catholics in America. The site includes various resources, most notably a discussion forum and a Lectionary for the Byzantine Church.

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