Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Relics of St. Charles Borromeo

With today being the Feast day of St. Charles Borromeo, I wanted to share with you some photos taken by myself and two other pilgrims, one of whom was John Sonnen, of the earthly remains of the sainted Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan which are found beneath the sanctuary of the Duomo in Milan, just off of the chapel of the Canons of the Cathedral of Milan.

Speaking liturgically, I have a particular interest in this saint due to his association with the archdiocese of Milan, which of course is the home of the Ambrosian rite -- one of the liturgical rites in the Western Church which, alongside the Mozarabic liturgy, I find of most personal interest.

(The Duomo seen from the Archepiscopal residence)

(The circular chapel of the Canons of the Metropolitan Cathedral. The entrance to chapel which holds the remains of St. Charles Borromeo is located after a short passageway to the left.)

(The altar and relics)

(The chapel altar has a beautiful metallic frontal and stretched tapestry walls.)

(You have to look closely through the glass in this photo to see the vested relics of the saint.)

(A closeup)

Above the Tomb

Some of you may also recall us showing some of the vestments used by St. Charles Borromeo, such as these kept in the museum beneath Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

Allow me to use this opportunity to suggest that those of you who are interested in the Ambrosian rite may wish search the NLM archives for "Ambrosian" which will bring up various pieces. One good place to begin is here (though this will not bring up all the pieces we have featured on the Ambrosian rite).

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