Friday, November 20, 2009

Parishes Unite for Solemn Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Rocky Mount

Penny Silvers, an NLM reader, let us know of a special Solemn Mass (usus antiquior) taking place at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on Sunday, November 22nd. I wished to highlight an aspect of this event which I think is worth reporting and encouraging. Namely, the other parishes in this region who also celebrate the usus antiquior will be joining forces with them for this Mass, inclusive of the parish choirs and priests, in order that this solemn liturgical event may be offered. I think this is a great idea, as well as a wonderful way to encourage one other.

The choirs will be under the direction of Dr. Patricia Warren who directs Schola Vox Clara, a Gregorian chant schola serving the Diocese of Raleigh. The celebrant will be Fr. Tim Meares of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Rocky Mount; acting as deacon will be Fr. Paul Parkerson of Sacred Heart, Dunn; and, as subdeacon, Fr. Walter Ospina, of St. Andrew's, Red Springs.

It strikes me that in so collaborating to bring together and celebrate a solemn form of our liturgical worship (which might not otherwise happen), it not only allows such events to take place (which also allows people to experience it and worship within it), it can further help to encourage one another and bring a tangible feeling of involvement in a historical movement within the Church; one that extends beyond the borders of our own particular parishes, belonging to Pope Benedict XVI's new liturgical movement.

Perhaps this is something other parishes may wish to consider. This could apply not only to the usus antiquior, but also to "reform of the reform" liturgy, to the celebration of parish vespers and so on.

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