Saturday, November 28, 2009

All the Tools of the Sacred

Fr. Cavana Wallace of St. Margaret's in Oceanside, California, reflects on the character of a parish as it is shaped by both the OF and EF:

Yet whether the morning modern Mass in English or the evening traditional Mass in Latin, one common thread which holds both forms of the Mass together in this parish is the attention given to the beauty of each Sunday liturgy. Both are celebrated with all the "tools of the sacred" and supervised by knowledgeable masters of ceremonies. Their role is to ensure that the priest¬-celebrant can focus without distraction on what he was ordained to do - to offer up the sacrifice of the Mass for himself and those entrusted to his care. Interestingly, after Mass, increasingly parishioners will comment ''that was a beautiful Mass", rather than "I enjoyed your sermon".

The parish is made up of 1200 families of diverse backgrounds. Both forms are well attended. He goes on to say:

the "gravitational attraction" between ancient and modem rites is evident by families comfortable in each of these forms of these sacred liturgies. By attending both, many have come to learn and appreciate the unique language of the sacred in every celebration.

Though some who read this forum adhere in principle and practice to the EF alone, hearts opened with charity will not mistake what is happening here: once unfathomable, and still unthinkable in many dioceses in this country, what St. Margaret's and Father Wallace are doing is truly remarkable - they are living the ideal and at the same time living "within one's means" in the post Summorum world - all else being equal.

Read the entire essay here.

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