Saturday, November 07, 2009

Visiting Rome Virtually

Those of you who have never visited Rome, or who simply wish to revisit it, may be interested to know that Google Maps has a rather interesting feature that will allow you to do it "virtually" in a rather unique way that is actually somewhat proximate to being there, walking those streets.

I have been rather interested in this Google feature for some time, and no doubt, many will already be aware of it, but I am sure many others are not.

If you go to Google Maps and double click on the maps, zooming in, eventually you will be taken to views such as these:

(Ss. Trinita, the FSSP parish in Rome)

(The Pantheon, Sancta Maria ad Martyres)

You can do this with Rome, Paris, London, Oxford or many other cities as well.

The interesting thing about this method is you can look around in almost 360 degrees, and you can actually "walk" along the path as though you were walking along the roads in person.

It is a very interesting feature.

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