Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deacon Sullivan at Newman's Littlemore

The most recent entry on the site of Newman's Cause regarding Deacon Sullivan's pilgrimage, was of a visit to Littlemore where Newman resided from 1842 to 1845, and where he was finally received into the Church.

I will let readers go there and read the whole story but I did wish to share this photograph which shows Newman's desk; a desk which was used by Blessed Dominic Barberi as an altar upon which to celebrate Mass after Newman's reception into the Church.

I am certainly hopeful that these continuing posts will help to increase your interest in and devotion to the soon to be beatified Newman. As part of that, I hope each of you will remember to ask the intercession of Cardinal Newman for your various intentions, and that you will likewise pray that he might be finally canonized. (Might I also recommend that you ask the intercession of Blessed Dominic for this same intention.)

Cardinal Newman has a great deal to say to us today; matters which are certainly pertinent to our purposes here.

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