Saturday, November 28, 2009

Advent Carol

The virtual disappearance of Advent, owing to the commercial frenzy of Christmas preparation beginning at Thanksgiving if not earlier, leaves many without a sense of fulfilled longing when finally Christmas arrives. Julie Stoner makes the point more poetically in the latest issue of First Things:

Hush that anguished hymn you're humming: / "Come, O Come, Emmanuel." / Trumpet Christmas! Fix his coming / firmly at "The First Nowell."

He's already come in glory! / Why plead, "Savior, come at last"? / Let's talk Christmas! Tell a story / safely in the distant past.

Drown out John the Baptist. Edit / out "Prepare! Make straight the way!" / Cut to Christmas! Buy on credit. / Square things up another day.

Advent's dreary. Let's start living / Christmas now! Wear red and green! / While we're at it, skip Thanksgiving! / Deck the halls at Halloween!

Then, when the Incarnate Verb / overnight becomes passé, / carry Christmas to the curb. / Pack the Prince of Peace away.

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