Friday, September 01, 2006

Promoting good resources... banners are here

Awhile back, an interest was expressed in having advertising space made available on the NLM so that one might promote Catholic products, presses, journals, etc.

I agreed, but I have a fundamental philosophy of tailoring it to this apostolate and our readers as the driving force behind it.

What do I mean? Only ads for those companies who produce excellent materials in the vein and spirit of the new liturgical movement will find advertising space here. That means publishers who publish good quality Catholic books, particularly liturgical books. That means organizations which produce quality liturgical items, or traditional architectural design firms (for example) that exemplify the very best of our tradition. That also means journals who bring the great richness of our faith and tradition to us.

Thus, the banners are those which are intended as part of the apostolate, to help promote good resources, and as a service to our readership that they might know what good resources are available to them.

A final benefit is that this helps to fund the NLM apostolate, which is an important aspect as well.

I hope people will consider spreading the word if they work amidst such companies, and I hope readers will consider visiting these organizations and help encourage them and support them, so that they might continue to produce quality Catholic materials and products that will help serve the revitalization of the sacred liturgy and the Faith in our parishes.

Above and to the right is an example of one such banner, done for the Saint Austin Review. Please do check out this journal, edited by Mr. Joseph Pearce. It is quite excellent and beautifully produced.

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