Friday, September 22, 2006

A couple of new features...

Over in the sidebar (to the right) you'll notice a couple of new features.

One is my section of books that I am presently looking for as part of a liturgical library that is used for the various writings which I post here and in periodicals.

Basically the idea behind this is if someone has a copy of such texts and would like to either donate them to "the cause" or trade for other used books, etc. then they can email me.

Perhaps more important than this section though is another one which will list forthcoming liturgical conferences. This one was suggested by a friend and it immediately struck me as an immensely good and practical idea.

We are blessed to live in a time when such conferences are becoming more and more numerous. For example, this month alone there are at least three conferences which I am aware of that pertain in some way to the sacred liturgy. A "liturgical conference" will be classified as anything which pertains to or surrounds the sacred liturgy (i.e. including architecture, music, etc.). It could also be a presentation given on a book pertaining to such matters as well, provided it is of some note.

For the moment, I haven't updated this with any listings, but I will do so. People are invited to send in events they think might be worth being posted there and I will consider whether to do so. Preferably I would like the website address as well details of the place and date of the conference.

This will provide a very handy resource to people whom want to see what is coming up, and also what they might like to consider attending.

I hope you'll find this useful.

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