Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Schola Workshop, year 4

We are finally getting around to hammering out the details of our sacred music workshop in 2007, set for February 16-17 (Auburn, Alabama). The first year, we had 30 people, and we were thrilled!

The next year it was 50. Last year we had 85, and we noted that huge step up in the quality of singers. They were all parish singers, but they were far more sophisticated than in past years. As parish scholas are becoming more experienced, they are delving more and more into the full range of the Church's music. Some of these singers were using the breaks to sing through obscure Josquin Glorias etc!

So each year, it seems that the workshop becomes more ambitous. The first year, we did chant hymns, and easy polyphony. The next year we added some more complicated pieces. Last year, we did propers. This year, the musical lineup is quite incredible. We have much more difficult ordinary settings, plus propers, plus some astonishing polyphonic work.

We would love you to come but even if you can't please take a look at the packets we've put together.

The goal is to also make it accessible to beginners (trying not to forget our roots here). The idea is that a full immersion into the more difficult repertoire can prepare people for the easier material that scholas will sing when they get home.

Another nice thing about these workshops: they are a fantastic amount of fun!

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