Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Business as usual on the NLM while I am away

In a few hours I will be departing for Oxford University and the CIEL Conference on an overnight flight. Please pray for a safe journey all around and for the conference itself.

I want to again thank those whom have taken the role as benefactor.

As for the NLM, it will be business as usual here while I am gone with Jeffrey Tucker taking on the role of making sure relevant liturgical stories and news gets posted each day to the site. So worry not about that! The NLM site will continue to bring you relevant news, information and opinion while I am away.

Jeffrey will also be moderating the comments.

Thanks to Jeffrey, and I look forward to reading the upcoming days postings when I get back.

If I get an opportunity to report at all while I am away in England (and I may well!) I will certainly update you on the conference.

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