Friday, September 08, 2006

Good Shepherd Institute - I Media story summary

After looking at the original piece someone quoted from I Media

A summary of the article would be:

- Cardinal Hoyos officially signed the decree of erection of this institute of the Good Shepherd today

- the Institute has been setup with former members of the SSPX and not per se the SSPX itself

- this does not involve the Bishops of the SSPX from what the article says; the SSPX continues to exist, but they hope it will draw some of its members into it.

- the Superior General of this new Institute is purported to be a Fr. Philippe Laguérie

- the headquarters of this new institute is purported to possibly be in Bordeaux, France at the church of Saint-Eloi.

- Cardinal Hoyos will be performing the first ordinations of the seminarians whom are part of this Good Shepherd Institute which also includes some priests.

- the new institute will of course use the 1962 liturgical rites.

- the new institute will operate in a way to setup personal parishes the use the traditional liturgical rites; one quote seemed to suggest the Holy See was saying the manner of functioning of this institute would satisfy the original demands of Archbishop Lefebvre, but I cannot be certain.

There are some important quotes that are being made in the original piece I saw (in French) which could be significant; the piece I saw came from 'Le Forume Catholique' (thanks to a reader pointing it out this morning.) but I did see the story was on I Media as reported, as well of course as CWN.

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