Thursday, September 21, 2006

Church Architecture Conference at Mundelein!

Well, news has reached me that Mundelein will be holding a conference on my favorite subject in the whole wide world entitled Heaven on Earth: The Theology and Design of Catholic Churches this October from the 25th to the 27th. I cannot stress how awesome this thing sounds. I wish I could take the time off to jet over to Chicago, but as yours truly is no longer a starving student with oodles of free time (ha), not going to happen. But anyway, you all should go: the talk lineup includes all sorts of luminaries, and several of my favorite people, like Mundelein liturgy prof and author of Chicago church architecture book Heavenly City Dennis McNamara, Notre Dame's esteemed David Fagerberg, HDB/Cram and Ferguson's Ethan Anthony, and artist and Theology of the Body expert Fr. Thomas Loya, who must be heard to be believed. There are also going to be talks about how to do this stuff well, and how to do it affordably, too, which sound promising.

You! Sitting there doing nothing! What are you waiting for? Go to Chicago and learn about building new and beautiful churches!

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