Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Is the Extraordinary Form Inherently Charismatic?

I've been very challenged and impressed by this beautiful essay by Msgr. Charles Pope. His ministry in Washington, D.C., is to two communities: an African-American parish that worships in a gospel tradition, complete with extended and exuberant musical improvisations, and also an extraordinary form community that adheres very closing to the music books of the Church.

Msgr. Pope argues that the two communities, which do not always understand each other, have more in common than they know. I have some doubts about some aspects of his presentation -- I've argued elsewhere against renderings of polyphony that overly emphasize dance-like rhythm structures -- but he in fact does shed great light on some aspects of chant that are not often considered. I think you will find this presentation exhilarating and fresh. It will certainly make you think.

Here is an audio version.

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