Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Jeffrey Tucker: A Thank You

For almost 5 years now, Jeffrey Tucker has been contributing to the NLM, bringing us news and commentary from the world of sacred music, not only here on the NLM, but also in his capacities with the CMAA and the excellent journal, Sacred Music. He has been a valued contributor on the NLM.

Jeffrey and I have worked together for many years now; we share common goals and we are united in that goal still: the liturgical vision of Benedict XVI. But, cliche though it is, change is a part of life; it is unavoidable, and so it is with regret to have to announce that Jeffrey is leaving the NLM in his role as sacred music correspondent so that he might better pursue that which he feels called to pursue in the area of the liturgical apostolate.

Jeffrey has had a long and productive career here and he was one of the original writers who I invited to write on the NLM almost 5 years ago. I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank Jeffrey for his valued contributions and dedication over the years.

Thank you Jeffrey!

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