Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mozarabic Antiphonary of Leon

A couple of stories came the NLM's way pertaining to the Mozarabic liturgy, related to an 11th century Mozarabic antiphonary which is completely in tact -- and, reportedly, the only such example in existence.

The antiphonal is preserved within the archives of the Cathedral of León and a symposium in March 2011 is set to consider it in detail.

The antiphonal itself dates from 1069, copied by one Abbot Totmundo, and the manuscript itself claims that it was "copied directly from another manuscript of the seventh century". The antiphonary is considered by some musicologists to be a "'precursor' of Gregorian chant."

A full facsimile edition of the antiphonary is being prepared to be published in a limited edition of 1000 copies (and 2500 digital copies) in 2011.

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