Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Other Modern Ciborium and Still More Work from Stuflesser

As promised, further work from the studios of Stuflesser in Italy.

The first are some photos coming from Manizales Cathedral in Colombia of a ciborium which, in various regards, could form a part of our "Other Modern" series. I say this for while it evidently has gothic-revival designs within it, it also has something of a distinctly modern shape and feel to it in other regards.

Here are two archival photographs which show elements of the ciborium being constructed in Stuflesser's studios.

* * *

Aside from this particular ciborium, I asked Stuflesser if they had any designs for ciboria which they could share with the NLM.

This design includes a reredos, but one can also easily envision this ciborium used with a freestanding altar

A detail of a ciborium for a church in Clifton, New Jersey, seen in front of Stuflesser's workshop

Finally, two other photos.

In the area of statuary, I was particularly struck by these bronze statues, executed for the Church of the Epiphany in Miami, Florida.

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