Sunday, June 06, 2010

Corpus Christi Procession in Oxford

Prayer held off the rain today so that the Oxford Corpus Christi Procession could take place as usual, making its way from the Oxford Oratory to Blackfriars Priory church, and then on to the Oxford University Chaplaincy. Bishop William Kenney CP led the Procession and preached in the Dominican church, and then gave Benediction in the Chaplaincy at the end of the Procession. As usual, the Witney Town Band helped keep the singing together as we sang Eucharistic hymns and prayed the Rosary while walking through the streets of Oxford.

Below are some photos, and more will be added to this Flickr set in the next few days:

Blessed Sacrament Procession in Oxford
The Procession makes it way down Woodstock Road as it leaves St Aloysius.

The Procession passes St Benet's Hall
Passing the Benedictine Hall, St Benet's.

Down in Adoration Falling...
The Sanctissimum is carried by the Prior of the Oxford Dominicans from the High Altar of the Priory church of the Holy Spirit.

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