Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Contemporary Church Belltower

Back in April, I shared something about a mediaeval Italian church in the Veneto region, and there I mused that "I was particularly struck by the belltower of the church, which, in its materials, forms and in its soaring heights, is simply magnificent. It struck me that this style of belltower may well be an unexplored area of potentiality for new church architecture and architectural additions today."

Well, recently, I was sent photos of a new church in Woodbridge, Ontario, St. Clare of Assisi. The belltower of this church, with its dominating presence and soaring heights, gives one example of the possibilities here I believe, emphasizing the potentialities this has for sacred architecture today -- whether in a more strictly traditional and classical expression, or whether in a contemporary expression which strives (as it should) for continuity with that tradition.

A view of the belltower from behind and to the side of the church

Evidently, as regards specific design particulars, I suspect there might be some good discussion on the various other design possibilities and materials which could be used, but my particular intent here is to simply point to this belltower in its most basic and general form -- which I think is quite successful in bringing a real dramatic presence to the church itself.

I would also take a brief moment to note that I was also quite pleased to see the use of three sets of outer doors.

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