Sunday, June 06, 2010

On the Feast of St. Norbert, A Premonstratensian Re-cap

At Magdeburg, St. Norbert, Bishop of that city, Confessor and founder of the Premonstratensian Order.

So begins the entry from the Roman Martyrology for the sixth day of June. While many will be focused upon and observing Corpus Christi today, today is also the feast day of St. Norbert, the founder of the Premonstratensian (or "Norbertine") order.

As we have not had an opportunity to share much from the Premonstratensians lately, and given today is the feast of their founder, and further given the NLM's interest in the Premonstratensian liturgical books, I thought today was a good day to re-cap a few of the historical items we have covered here on the NLM in relation to that order and its liturgical books. This may also be beneficial to our readers who are newer readers -- and here, I would encourage people to use the NLM search feature (found in the upper, right-hand corner) to look up articles on past subjects over the years.

Here are a few:

Premonstratensian Rite - A Summary (Nov. 2006)

Historical Photographs from a Solemn Premonstratensian Rite Liturgy (Aug. 2007)

Liturgical Variations in the Most Unlikely of Places: The Paten (Feb. 2008) - See "Solemn Forms in Other Western Liturgical Rites, I. The Premonstratensian Rite"

Pontifical Midnight Mass (Premonstratensian Rite) from Tongerlo Abbey, Belgium, 1955 (Dec. 2009)

I am also pleased to inform NLM readers that you may expect further pieces pertaining to the liturgy of the Premonstratensian Order soon.

Those interested in the Premonstratensians may wish to keep in contact with the following: St. Philip's Priory, Chelmsford, England, and St. Michael's Abbey, Orange County, California.

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