Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cistercian Rite Missal and Pontifical Canon Missae [UPDATE]

NOTE: I am still pondering, but I may be looking to part with a spare Missale Cisterciense I came into and also a spare Pontifical Canon Missae which I also came into -- however, it should be noted that while the latter is in generally good shape, it has one page which is still present but which has become detached from within the Ordo Missae section, and one other coming loose in the preparatory prayers. In short, for practical use, a little repair work would likely be necessary.

The purpose of this -- as is almost always the case when I suggest these possibilities here -- would be to acquire another volume which has come to my attention recently.

UPDATE: A Carthusian breviary (more specifically, a diurnal) is also up for consideration.

If there is a serious enquirer who is interested and willing to consider the usual sorts of pricing for such volumes, feel free to inquire and discuss:

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