Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Traditional Altar Consecration in Moscow

A former parishioner of Fr Ray Blake's has written him to tell him about the consecration of an altar in Moscow's Catholic Cathedral in and for the Extraordinary Form. This is what he writes:

On Sunday 20 June, Archbishop Paul Pezzi, the Ordinary of Archdiocese of the Mother Of God in Moscow, Russia, consecrated a refurbished wooden altar for the Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite. This altar is situated in the Big Chapel of the Moscow Cathedral of Immaculate Conception of The Blessed Virgin Mary. The consecration ceremony followed the 'usus antiquor.' After consecration of the altar, Fr. Augustine Dzenzel celebrated Mass in the Extraordinary Form. This is the first time since 1936, when the ruling Ordinary of this Archdiocese participated in the traditional Latin liturgy.

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