Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Tour of the Sacristy of St. Stephen's, Cleveland, Ohio

Since last August, when the following photos were sent to me, I have been meaning to share these with our readers. They came our way after I had noticed some images of a Mass at St Stephen's Church in Cleveland, Ohio. The vestments where quite striking and so I asked about the possibility of closer photographs of them. Not only did they send in some more detailed photographs of those vestments, they also went to the extent to photograph some of the other vestments found in the sacristy.

St. Stephen's Church

The sacristy apparently boasts vestments not only from the 19th century, but some as well from the 18th. I am only showing you some of what I myself received, but and I am told that this only represents some of the vestments found at the parish.

As of our last communication, this church offers both forms of the Roman rite.

With that, a view of some of the splendid vestments of the parish.

* * *

As a bonus, here is a chalice:

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