Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The 15th Century Calderini Pontifical

Anyone who is familiar with the site of artist Daniel Mitsui will know he has something of a knack for digging up wonderful and rich examples of sacred art. I am always most particularly impressed by his presentation of manuscript illuminations.

In that vein, some of you may be interested in this recent post, Consecrations, Ordinations and Coronations, which shows miniatures of liturgical interest from the 15th century Calderini Pontifical.

It is particularly interesting, when looking at images such as these, to observe the forms of the vestments, as well as to consider the altar and the ceremonies generally. In the example below, I would particularly highlight the beautiful, full conical chasuble, the apparels on amice and alb, the full surplices of the servers, and the antependium which vests the altar.

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