Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is exactly what Gregorian chant needs

In all the years I've been involved in matters concerning Gregorian chant, there has been a search on for the ideal teaching tools. These are much needed because our generation is effectively restarting a tradition that was unnaturally and inorganically interrupted by a vast diversion whereby popular music was imposed on the liturgical structure.

Now that it has become an indefensible practice -- though still widely practice by sheer force of habit -- many people are working to revisit the actual music of the Roman Rite. But these people need skills, tutorials, knowledge, and experience. What is the best method of providing these? Live workshops. But the digital age provides many second-best alternatives. Leading the way has been Corpus Christi Watershed, with sites such as Isaac Jogues chant, which provides chant editions and recordings.

Here is the next stage of evolution: a site with videos of the chant plus recordings of some great singers. It is called St. Rene Goupil chant, with a focus on the extraordinary form. The project is just getting going but great progress has been made so far! Here is a sample of what will be provided for the entire liturgical year: 300 videos in all!

This is the gradual for the sixth Sunday of Pentecost. As an aside, remember that any parish using the ordinary form can licitly replace with Responsorial Psalm with the authentic gradual.

6th Sunday after Pentecost: Gradual from Corpus Christi Watershed on Vimeo.

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