Saturday, May 22, 2010

First News and Images from the Chartres Pilgrimage

Further to the matter of the Chartres Pilgrimage, I have discovered that the site of Notre Dame de Chretiente is doing a type of "tweeting" (or something proximate to it) of the pilgrimage which you can follow here. This will give you updates as they move along the pilgrimage.

Here are a few highlights from Saturday:

Saturday - 07:25 - Notre-Dame de Paris - Msgr. Moulins-Beaufort, Auxiliary Bishop of Paris, speaks to the pilgrims: I trust you with three prayer requests: Pray for the Pope, pray for the sanctity of priests, ask Our Lady for the grace of a true filial spirit in the example of the saints.

Early Saturday Morning in Notre Dame de Paris

Saturday - 07:40 - Notre Dame de Paris - The procession of the clergy out of the cathedral, followed by the statue of the Blessed Virgin which will guide the column to Chartres.

Saturday - 12:30 - Bièvres - The Mass said by Father Laurent-Marie Pocquet du Haut-Jussé begins. The sun is strong. The Mass servers are provided by the Riaumont scouts. We are more than 7500... Just before the Mass in the field, more than fourty priests confess. Yes, Pele has begun!

Arrival at Bièvres

And the pilgrimage continues...

More to come including further photographs from the pilgrimage.

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