Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Vatican Edition of 1962 Missale Romanum

As many of you may know, the Vatican Publishing House has reprinted the altar missal of the usus antiquior, priced at 210 EUR.

John Sonnen has given us a nice photograph of the missal, which (from the photograph at least) looks nicely bound.

In a related matter, permit me to say once again that we can hope that the new editions of the modern Roman Missal, which will necessarily be produced in the English speaking world due to the new translation, will move away from the rather more temporary style of binding that has been employed these past decades, to something more in the vein of the leatherbound altar missals of old.

It strikes me that this is an aspect of beauty and continuity that may not be thought of as much as it should. While it is a more minor point than other liturgical aspects of course, it seems to me that how we produce our missals, both within and without, can also have an influence as well in our approach to the sacred liturgy -- particularly the clergy.

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