Monday, May 03, 2010

Bishop Peter J. Elliott: Keying Into the Emergent New Liturgical Movement

Recently, one of our readers in the Orient shared a handout with us which was written by Bishop Peter J. Elliott -- who may be better known to some as Msgr. Peter J. Elliott, the author of Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite and Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year published by Ignatius Press.

As many of you will know, Bishop Elliott is now the Auxiliary bishop of Melbourne, Australia, and has been featured here many times. He is a man and a bishop who can clearly be seen operating within a "Benedictine" spirit -- supportive of both the reform of the reform and the usus antiquior.

The handout in question touches on the subject of the new liturgical movement (that is to say, a new liturgical movement as a movement, and not rather the NLM website itself of course) and is meant to be an accompaniment to seminars on the topic of Benedict XVI and the sacred liturgy. Bishop Elliot prefaces it as follows:

In the era of Benedict XVI, with a "reform of the reform" of the Roman liturgy just beginning, a New Liturgical Movement is rapidly emerging. Various organizations and groups mainly in the US, are active in various ways in different areas. They all involve young Catholics. Welcome to the future!

I thought some of our readers would be interested in reading some of Bishop Elliott's own recommendations in this regard, along with his comments on the same. (And the NLM is indeed honoured that Bishop Elliott would include the NLM amongst his recommendations.) Apologies for the quality, but the original handout was sent as a scan.

Bishop Elliott further proceeds to make some recommendations for those wishing to introduce themselves to Benedict's thought and writing on the topic of the liturgy:

Used with permission.

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