Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ancient Ambrosian Rite Offered at Rome's Pantheon

More now from John Sonnen in Rome in relation to the ancient Ambrosian rite: Solemn Mass offered today at the Pantheon.

One will note that in the Ambrosian rite, the diaconal stole is worn outside the dalmatic.

This shot gives a good view of the "cappino" worn around the neck, and which is also seen in Spain and Lyons. It is derived from the apparelled amice.

One will note as Msgr. Amodeo's chasuble is lifted the "grammatae", a square, decorative piece which is derived from the apparel on the alb.

I have already mentioned that the NLM's own Nicola de Grandi and Gregory DiPippo have been taking part in these ceremonies, but who I have not had an opportunity to mention yet is Philippe Guy, another NLM writer, who is part of the schola and seen to the very right.

We'll keep readers informed if John is able to post more photos or video of these events in the coming hours or days.

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