Monday, October 05, 2009

To Remember the Pope's Visit

Do you remember the Vespers Service at the Shrine when Pope Benedict XVI was in the United States? It was far and above the most astonishing of all the liturgical experiences of the visit. The music was amazing. The Pope's humble voice was there, singing in Latin. The crypt was never so packed and the decorum was all in place and completely visible in every way. It was a time of prayer and thanksgiving. There was a sense of collegiality present that day too, a Christian people at prayer just as they have been since the early Church. It was at once lively and deeply solemn, touching and moving in every way.

I'm happy to say that there is a wonderful recording of the event - a very fine recording too, complete with the Pope's voice, the tremendously accomplished Shrine choir under the direction of Peter Latona, and the complete service with an approachable mixture of English and Latin. Even the marvelous free-standing organ of the crypt comes across in all its majesty.

I highly recommend this CD for every Catholic household. It is surely one of the top offerings of the Shrine bookstore. It is not entirely easy to find on the site, but I've done the digging for you. You won't regret this purchase. It is just so touching. With this, you can live the through experience all over again. It strikes me as truly historic in every way.

This is Catholic liturgy in the United States as it can be and will be in the future.

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