Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anglican Bishop of Chichester Considering Conversion

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has an interesting bit of news on his blog, Standing on my Head:

This amazing bit of news just breaking is truly momentous. A sitting Church of England Diocesan bishop has announced that he is ready to convert to Rome and be re-ordained. John Hind is the bishop of Chichester on the South Coast of England. His diocese is centered in the ancient city of Chichester (cathedral pictured above) Chichester is well known as an Anglo Catholic diocese. (It is the diocese into which I was ordained as an Anglican priest) If the bishop goes you can be sure that many of his clergy and people will follow.

This is truly momentous news. I know of no other precedent in modern times of a sitting bishop in the Church of England to make such an announcement. They usually wait until their retirement or resignation to announce their plans. John Hind is not even one of the 'flying bishops' who look after the traditionalists. If he and the other bishops in the Church of England act courageously and do as they say they will do we may be witnessing a truly historic re-alignment in Western Christianity.

Read the whole story: Chichester Bishop Ready to Convert

The Telegraph notes he is "considering" this and would be "happy" to be re-ordained as a Catholic priest, though it is not yet a fait accompli. Nonetheless, the news is noteworthy.

The original Telegraph story may be found here: Senior Anglican bishop reveals he is ready to convert to Roman Catholicism

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