Thursday, October 22, 2009

Attention all ye who download chant from the internet

For all those who enjoy the great luxury of downloading your chant from the internet, which takes minutes or seconds, consider the past. Consider the sufferings of the scribes. Consider that there was a time when you could not have your own edition to hold but rather would sing from large editions posted on massive music stands. While that is good for posture, there are limits of course.

But do we appreciate the luxuries that our technologies allow us? Are we taking full advantage of the treasures that are right at our fingertips? Do we consider the amazing suffering and time put into preservation?

Here is the choir I just visited. I suppose the older friars sat closer due to failing eyesight, while the novices were further away. The image is San Estaban convent, Salamanca, courtesy of Bro. Lawrence Lew who has many other amazing images of the same spot here.

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