Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A note from Belfast, re: Requiem Mass in the extraordinary form

Here in Belfast we are celebrating a Requiem Mass (1962 Missal) with absolutions over the catafalque on 7 November. The Choir will sing a great deal of Victoria's 6 part Requiem and Lobo's motet, Versa Est In Luctum. The Schola are joined by a number of singers from various choirs across the city, and so it is another progression in re-establishing traditional music and the traditional liturgy at grass-roots parish level (the 'venue' is at the heart of the Falls Road, the scene of much violence during the troubles and the scene of real social problems). The more ancient form of the Roman Rite is also increasing in attendance and popularity here, with 400 people attending the solemn high Mass celebrated on 15 August. We hope that the benefits of such a revival in interest will be felt across our diocese (and the North of Ireland) and extend to our sung Requiem also.

The details are as follows:

Saint Paul’s Church, Falls Road. Saturday 7 November at 1.00pm
Music by the Schola Gregoriana of Belfast: Requiem for six voices (Victoria), Versa Est in Luctum (Lobo), Gregorian Chant and Organ.
Everyone Welcome.

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