Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pontifical College Josephinum: Re-Enchantments Proceeding

The NLM has learned that the project of re-enchanting the St. Turibius Chapel at the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio is continuing.

The St. Turibius Chapel as it stood around 2005

This project is not new, and readers may recall that in March 2009 Matthew Alderman documented a well-intentioned but less than satisfactory proposal which had come forward in relation to the sanctuary wall. Since then, under the direction of the new administration of the Josephinum, a new direction is now being considered which would involve the study of the possibility of recovering or recreating the original murals by artisan Gerhard Lamers -- some of which was merely drywalled over, and some of which was painted over with latex paint as recently as 1989.

A drawing showing the original Lamers apse mural

The murals which were associated with the side altars were fortunately only dry-walled over, and the intent is that these murals will be uncovered in the course of the present academic year.

Some of the original Lamers mural work revealed

In addition to this, the rather curious framework that presently stands at the back of the sanctuary is being progressively removed. Other possibilities are being considered for the sanctuary.

Further, the former altar and candlesticks have now been replaced with a new altar and new candlesticks and altar cross as per the Benedictine arrangement.



Various other considerations and beautifications are also being considered.

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